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Birgit Haake - Expertin Revenue Management

Birgit Haake | Revenue Management Expert

Selling the right product, at the right time, to the right guest, at the right price, through the right channel is complex.

My name is Birgit Haake. As a revenue management expert, I help hotels make the most of their time-limited capacities and services, as well as their willingness to pay prices, in order to maximise the company’s overall results. The result: applying the effective techniques of revenue management to all the hotel’s revenue streams to achieve continuous revenue growth.

“Reduce complexity and make Revenue Management a natural discipline in your organization to maximize profit.”
Birgit Haake | Revenue Management4U


Learn about Revenue Management

When first encountering the term revenue management, it can easily lead to being overwhelmed. The subject area is so broad that it is sometimes not at all clear when you are already doing revenue management and what actually belongs to it. 

Regardless of whether you have already actively dealt with revenue management for the hotel industry or have only come to this page to browse: I cordially invite you to take a look at my blog posts. Here you will get an overview but also tips and tricks on specific issues.

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail or telephone about these and other questions relating to revenue management.

Birgit Haake in 3 words

Revenue Management Expert | MICE-Nerd | Hospitality Allrounder

Revenue Management - it's that simple

How would it be if the implementation of a functioning revenue management in your hotel business could be easily solved?

This is exactly what I have specialised in.

You receive a comprehensive and independent review of your revenue culture. Thus, I show you possible potentials for increasing revenue.

You will receive support in exploiting these potentials according to your wishes. With the help of an individual roadmap and concrete step-by-step instructions, you have the possibility to optimise the processes internally with your team or to have the implementation accompanied or completely outsourced. You can also take advantage of workshops, seminars and training courses.

If questions and challenges arise, I will gladly accompany you through the change process and the digital transformation.

In the cooperation, you have the opportunity not only to lay the foundation for the optimal starting conditions for successful revenue management, but also to develop your price positioning, price strategy and a suitable revenue management concept, taking into account all characteristics of the hotel and the environment.

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